Mr Vito Presents: What Did You Say (Get Outta Here) – Mr Vito X Swifty Beats

Hey guys thank you to all of you who checked out the song with Isaac Artist called stay up.
Here is another project I’m working on with the Talented Swifty Beats.
Enjoy what we do…!

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Mr Vito Presents: Stay Up – Isaac Artist X Mr Vito

I recently had the chance to step in a great studio with a friend Isaac Artist. I would love you to send this track to all your people and let them know that Music crosses boundaries of Language. I had so much fun recording this song and I hope you enjoy what what we did with it. PLENTY MORE TO COME!

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Man Thoughts: The Integrity of My People

“My integrity will take me a long way.
But our integrity will lift us out of the Miry Clay of Corruption.”- Martin Vito

If you are someone who walks in integrity, I urge you persist on that path. There is plenty of light in that kind of tunnel. The first light is you and the second is the people that you choose to walk, talk and do business with. Diaspora Africans have a challenge on their hands when it comes to believing in and supporting one another. Due to reasons owing to the economic climate we are forced to constantly surf over the depth of our personal and collective insecurities when it comes to matters of trust. We fear back stabbers, gold diggers, oppportunists, frienemies and adulterers in various forms. Sometimes it seems we would rather fear them or become them. In reality we have to confront them.

We cannot even speak long enough about our social ills before someone starts showing off about their personal achievements and attainments that only conclude on the note of personal glory. In that personal story no one else is included, no flag can be raised and no true honour can be awarded because our efforts are for selfish gain and not collective establishment of a decent vantage point. Our brand of teamwork is constantly laced with selfish ambition. The corruptions of the few become the corruptions of the many when we say nothing.

Our Family structures are riddled with secrets of things no one ever talks about. When will we ask ourselves the deeper questions about where we came from and whats resident in our DNA? Is my selfish ambition, emotional dysfunction, sexual addiction, impenetrable pride, pornographic desire a condition imposed on me by the nation I am in or a descendant of my “unknown” ancestors? If it is a combination of the two then I must weed out what is in me and spread the message of that clearance.

At some stage someone will have to ask the pertinent question about personal Family History before they ask us about National History. Secondary to that question should be where does my Family sit in connection to the history of my nation of origin.

The answers to these very two questions will start an avalanche of drive and courage to correct the wrongs passed on through ignorance and write the story that best reflects a heart sobered by deep discovery.

©Martin Vito 2014
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Kicking It With The Vito’s “Marriage Without Tears” 26th of March #Aftermath

Greettings to you all again!
I trust that my post finds you well and strong, its April already and I just have to say Im thankful to have got here. The first quarter of the year has been interesting and sometimes tragic. The Floods, Gay Marriage Legalisation, T-the disappearance of the Malaysian Flight, The Crimea take over by Russia etc.

With all these things happening you would think that marriage is not as important but when you look closely at all the issues mentioned above you will soon see that marriage is part of human tapestry, marriages and families are affected in all the issues I have mentioned above. That being said I want to encourage you that “Marriage Without Tears” possible. Hear me out.. I think it is possible, I do not suggest that you will not cry in your marriage but it should happen far and inbetween. You should cry tears of joy more than tears of sorrow. Whoever you choose to be with in life should be a reflection of this thought.

That being said you know my wife Lola and I travelled to Coventry recently for the Kicking It The Vito’s “Marriage Without Tears” seminar organised by the wonderful Youth of Jubilee Christian Centre. It was a long journey but a fruitful one. We even have an Audio recording of what we spoke about.

We spoke to those who are single and trying to connect with good men and women and stipulated the position and a standard of behaviour needed to meet and keep a marriage partner. We spoke about the fact that Marriage without Tears starts with the person you are and then its affected the person you choose to walk with on that journey and purpose for which you remain with that person.

It is unfortunate that most people regard their choice of partner as bad only after they have been involved deeply, sexually, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. After suffering they then conclude the person was bad. Our conversation was more around the prevention of bad relationships and the damage they inflict on people. We made the men aware that they were Kings and Women in the Royalty. Theres nothing wrong with placing a standard of behavior when a man or woman know they are in the right place.

Doing the right thing from the wrong position can be considered an offence. So I want to implore you to get to one of our seminars and get ready for the real relationship you need and keep it growing if you are already in the right sitaution. With hearing that you should know that there is no point in tolerating the wrong relationship and expecting some kind of turn or positive change in events.

Upon later reflection Lola and I have begun to realise that a good marriage starts with well informed decisions, and is back up by the proof that you both provide to solidify its existance. We are also finding that our Faith is the bedrock on which we can comfortably discuss and ultimately live the purpose of our friendship and marriage. Everyday I remain greatful about who I am and the one I am with because of the The One who made us. Im not about to give that up because of how others feel.

If you are interested in hearing more about our adventures or physically
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Oh and for those of you dont know Lola and I have released our first book

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Kicking It With With The Vito’s: The BOAZ PLACE 16th March 2014 #AfterMath

Hey guys, here is a mini update for those of you who wanted to be where we were and for any unforeseen reasons couldn’t make it. I assure you there will be plenty more chances to catch up with Lola and I. We are not famous yet Loool just efficient!

I can honestly say both Lola and I and the remarkable people at RIG Assembly alongside the honourable Tomi Arayomi had a blast. Its not everyday that you share the stage with amazing people so once again thank you to him and RIG Assembly for having us.

Where do I start when you have 3 speakers sharing the truth from the heart. Perhaps I will start with Lola’s exceptional conversation about composure and character whilst working towards the right situations or being in the right situations. She actually shared the importance of building the right reputation with a good attitude towards whats set ahead of you. She spoke, drawing experiences from her own life how her reputation had remained relatively trouble free when it came to the dating scene and how much that influenced a man like me.

Truth Note: her kind deeds and integrity not to mess with guys just because they were her friends was a real winner in my eyes.

She could have been a different type of woman and most certainly “WE” would have never happened. No one is flawless like “Beyonce” but she(Lola) is most certainly one of the most mature women I have come across in this crazy generation Im glad I picked her and that she picked me. In summary she was the WISDOM of our conversation, unwittingly she embodied the very essence of her message. Sounds difficult to do but thats whats cool about being yourself and letting everyone learn from that rather than trying to make people aspire to be what you are not and then placing miscalculated expectations on the hearts of people.

Along comes yours truly with the next stage. I usually like to share things that are useful rather than display my intelligence on things that dont deliver help to people unless Im at an art exhibition where I can interpret things anyhow and someone will say “AHHH YES That is sooo true!”.
My task on that sunday was really to challenge how people perceive their present position and the relationships that surround them and possibly why constantly sticking around the crowd that has kept you stagnant whilst hoping to be counted as special was and is just not an option in 2014. For the more seasoned in the crowd my questions centred around if they the people you have risen up with are elevating you, where exactly are they elevating you to? I shared why maintaining the right moral position could mean parting ways with seemingly cool people. My Job was complete in bring the understanding that if we want things to turn out differently we shouldn’t essentially “Reward bad behaviour with ultimate dedication” because of its corrosive effects on destiny, not just ours but those that follow us. Perhaps my contribution was really the UNDERSTANDING

Finally came the RIG Nation founder Tomi Arayomi with what I can only term an internal conversation that has a great bearing on external and eternal circumstances. As you can see I love pointing out the influence and the impact people have on myself and the things I do and I can surely say that essentially he pretty much built an aeroplane with all the components Lola and I spoke about. He shared passionately about the fact that in order to reach #TheBoazPlace, which means “Quickening”. A man/woman would have to offend those in favour of enslaving themselves to emptiness, that same man/woman would need to stop taking responsibility for those who are willing slaves to unproductive habits, corrosive conversation, unbecoming behaviour and anything that remotely resembled traditions that limit spiritual, emotional, mental and physical progress. This is where the KNOWLEDGE came in. If you didn’t feel a vibration in the heart as your stubbornness to part ways with dead situations was put to shame and the procrastination towards destiny was deported then may you might need a doctor..
In short it was an amazing experience.

Put it this way the limitations that Lola did not assassinate, I Martin assasinated, and effectively what I did not assassinate Tomi was well able to cause to R.I.P!

With that being said I want to challenge those of you who are planning to do great things but are still waiting for a kick up their back side and are intentionally avoiding that one drastic action that will change your life because of PRIDE or FEAR. In your life remember these three things and from whom they come from, there will be a different result.

Through WISDOM a house is built,
And by UNDERSTANDING it is established;
By KNOWLEDGE the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches. (Proverbs 24:3, 4 NKJV)

Essentially this is not how you should respond to something that could change your life. #TheBoazPlace


All things said with Love and Respect
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Kicking It With With The Vito’s: The BOAZ PLACE 16th March 2014

Greetings guys….

Every now then the Lovely Lola and I are invited to share a special moment on the stage with amazingly talented and noble people. This event is no exception. Apostle Tomi Arayomi Founder of RIG Nation and The Vitos’ have joined hands for what promises to be a great conversation.

On the journey of life you meet people who are strategically positioned to help you become a better person, help you get to a better place and make sure you are the right person in that better place. Well heres something to help you essentially recognise #THEBOAZPLACE

On Sunday the 16th of March 2014 we three will be sharing some life changing truth on the importance of those strategic singular actions, conversations, situations that lead to a better life experience. Some people call it “Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge” but we want to it become a lifestyle for those of us willing to listen in and act. We want to challenge your perception of location, relationships, positions in relation to what you, your team, your family, your friends are trying to achieve in Life. We are also looking forward to the QUESTIONS you will have on the day. There is so much to talk about.

My encouragement to you is if you missed our last event then what are you waiting for??

There is no reason to stop oneself from progressing and connecting with people who are interested in the same thing. I would like to encourage you to join us, sit, learn and grow with us. Essentially come to #THEBOAZPLACE. It will be worth your time and effort.


Leadership Notes: The Most Noise Doesnt Equal The Most Change

It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.

Edmund Burke

When I came across this quote it struck a chord within me that I thought I should share.

Sometimes people make noise without actually mobilising their convictions and because they are gifted they lead people into thinking theres a movement meanwhile they are only making noise(Creating a Distraction from their own woes). The illusion of noise(Creating a Distraction) is more serious than people think. It is so strong it distracts the focus from those who are actually striving to cause change. As a consumer Where does your support go? Does it go to those who are loud and buoyant for the sake of it or to those are implementing change? Imagine what a difference it would make if we put our support in the right place. Our generations are so full of so many unsung heroes because as a society we give priority to Noise(Created Distractions) rather than truth.

Perhaps this is problem Change Makers mostly face, perhaps

“Well Organised Noise feels better than Not so organised change”.

The first element is that change makers in order to be noticed need to take their presentation more seriously than ever before. Poor presentation sometimes clouds the judgement of the consumer and erodes trust.

The second element being that sometimes human beings would rather be distracted by a puppet master and his array of entertaining contributions than awoken to the reality of their own personal responsibility to make meaningful contributions. Unfortunately there are not many ways to make responsibility fun(foolishly exciting) except training people to see the benefits of being responsible.

For example we celebrate and are constantly entertained by musicians and artists who have risen and profited fromtelling their stories in mostly harmful ways and the stories of the suffering masses but how many of them encourage true honest entrepreneurship or personal development beyond perfecting their artistic perversion? How many of them call on you to make better decisions than they have made. Most probably know that to suggest you change could mean they lose your custom reducing their financial bragging rights. So how about they encourage the fool in you and use your money to live smart.

Ironically because they voice our pain or blatantly abuse it both of which strike a deep chord in the heart of the hearers they get the accolades as though there are no people who actualise change. How many of them really put you and I in a better position to actualise the dream we carry?

Other examples include, those people who campaign for women to change their ways meanwhile they themselves take advantage of the same women they are trying to save, or the guru whose message is true for everyone but is a stumbling block to himself/herself. Realistically speaking a great many of us will be trapped in the slumber of our entertainment.

Call it a far fetched dream or a deeper search for significance but Im pushing on to the day that those who actually mobilise change will be celebrated correctly even as they better present the change they propose.

The masses may not do it immediately, but who said you need masses to cause change?

Dont forget to pick up the new book written by myself and Lola Vito.


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Kicking It With Vito’s 24th February 2014 “After thoughts”


Greetings everyone, I want to give a first major shout out and thank you to those of you who willingly came out and supported Lola and I. Monday the 24th Of February was awesome to say the least. A lot of great faces in attendance and I can safely say the relationship market is still very much teeming with upwardly mobile people with a desire for some home truth.

That night both Lola and I did what we said we would do, we shared our story courageously and saw some great reactions and many reflective moments of silence for the things many of us would need to change to make Love a great and wonderful possibility. On the night We had
1) “The Singles and Ready to Mingle”,
2) “The budding relationship startups”,
3) “The we should be engaged by now but we both trippins”
and the
4) “Im married now and this thing is going to work for us boths”.

We were deeply pleased with the turn out and it was cosy enough for you to hear the whispers of girl who took your fancy but not so close you needed to run away from his breath brushing the back of your neck.

So many thoughts were shared on the night. We only wish we could have bought Notebooks for everyone. We set out to deliver something useful and timely to a growing people. We went deep with the truth and revealed some of the reasons why some of us are still chronically single, why our relationships were not functioning the way they should be and the gravity of our expectations increasing uncontrollably because of Social Media Influences.

Lola and I addressed the reasons we believe are hindering those who want #MoreThanAverage Relationships. We had a very insightful Q and A session where both Lola and I took some audience thoughts on board and challenged some beliefs.

Check out the “tweetbacks” for yourself…

A Youtube Video is seriously In Order. Soon come

As you well know “Change is impossible without tackling on going causes of the status quo” -Martin Vito

Ok so finally the most amazing announcement of the night was Lola and I’s first book. AHHHH YES cue in the TRUMPETS HERE!!!

The Book is called “More Than Average” it is essentially the Love Child of both of our hearts in regards to what we believe should be going on in the heart and actions of a man/woman who wants to make progress in the areas of “Vision, Purpose, Relationships, Finances, Friendships, Teamwork and Personal Ethics”. We are living proof that with the right kind of commitment in all these areas yields Love and Purpose that is worth Pursuing.


Its Your Turn to be #MORETHANAVERAGE

All things said with Love and Respect
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Kicking It With The Vitos Event 24th February 2014!

Greetings to you all, I trust this post finds you all doing better and constantly improving as you go along. The Much anticipated Kicking It With The Vito’s Event is upon us “MONDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2014.

For those of you who are curious as to what its about, check out the video below and share this post

If you haven’t taken the time to register and would like to in order to receive more updates please do click the link below and do that.

Both Lola and I are looking forward to spending some quality time with you all and we guarantee it will be special.

All things said with Love and Respect
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