3 Things Influential People Can Do To Improve Personal Relationships

3 Things Influential People Can Do To Improve their Personal Relationships

1) Discuss “Commitment” with your partner openly.
The purpose of these discussions is really to remove ambiguity and mystery around the reasons for which you are committing to each other. Influential people need love and commitment to help keep sanity and balance in a very demanding world.

2) Go to conferences or Seminars together and where possible read together. If you’re looking to grow as a partnership, I advise attending meetings where mutual and joint learning can take place and a common knowledge base can be established. Learning never stops you have to commit to learning together it opens up the understanding and also builds a bond of shared experience that validates the relationship.

3) Utilize your talents for the sake of your relationships. Maybe you’re very intuitive or knowledgeable or discerning. When your partner is walking into danger or into really great opportunities be the one to encourage, warn and support them. Don’t be a yes partner, always saying yes knowing that something is not quite right be a discerning partner someone who looks out for your partners best interests and tries to ensure they are not cheated.
See yourself as your partners keeper.

Always remember Influence and relationships go hand in hand. Neglecting one in favor of the other does not do you good but understanding that both are required to progress in life is important.

All things said with Love and Respect
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