10 Ways To Find A Good Man


10 Ways To Find A Good Man

1) Stop falling in lust with and sleeping with “Bad” Men. Don’t give them what they don’t deserve to satisfy your feelings.

2) Stop Respecting and Rewarding bad or rebellious behavior in men who behave like boys. It makes bad men look good and good men look unattractive in your mind.

3) Accept that your eyes have deceived you in the past. Bad men all have something in common that you like. Stop liking that thing as a prerequisite. Reorder the List. Heart first then outward man.

4) Don’t hang around with friends that guys only want to sleep with but never want to commit to. Acquaintances rub off on you and your reputation.

5) Practice what you preach. Nothing more difficult to deal with than a woman who pretends to be someone she is not.


6) Your Faith & Character, not your lusts should determine your expectations. A good man wants a woman he can dream with and fulfill destiny with.

7) Tell all good men around you that you respect their attempts at living a life of purpose. Be an encourager

8) Use your words as tools to connect people. A woman who hates people is usually very materialistic and that is unattractive.

9) Tell all men that like you that you respect honesty and you hate lies. Also that you’re not prepared to take a mixture of the two.

10) Forgive those who hurt you in the past. Let the damage heal through conversation, analysis, honesty, good friends, and read some books. Prepare for the right relationship with more attention and hope.

All things said with Love and Respect
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