Your Relationship & Honesty

“We never know the power of a lie until the truth comes” –@MrVitoSpeaks

Human beings cannot be faulted for believing what other people tell them. Words are designed to form and inform, inspire and break down complicated things.
The problem in most situations is when a human being abuses the trust they are honoured with and make people believe in a lie for personal gain or covering up an action that they should take responsibility for openly.
Have you ever made a decision based on someone’s convincing lie? How often do you feel like a fool when the truth comes? It happens everyday, people lie or omit the truth or neglect a crucial area of information which would complete the truth and help you , all this is in order to look good but the truth comes out and then everything ever said before is questioned. Trust is abused often, and what may have taken years to build is lost in a matter of minutes.

That being said there are some things I find integral to any kind of relationship surviving the tests of depraved human lies. I believe this is beneficial to the love relationship.


Honesty:- Show me a situation that is void of the crucial truth and it is likely that the demise of that situation, institution, relationship is imminent.
When you are in a relationship and it is not founded on honesty, the lies will eventually crumble under the immense weight of Genuine responsibility. Honesty is a foundational element of all your interactions. Lies are like Dynamite sticks in a cave they are hidden from plain sight, however when they blow up everything in that cave will come crashing down. So part of your personal development should be in getting use to being honest and also taking responsibility for the dumb things you do before the truth comes and destroys the things that you should actually be treasuring as much as you do your self.

Please understand that a legacy built on dishonesty will eventually be undone even if it out lasted the generation in which it was told.

In the advent of Love:- Remember that when Love is on the cards you and that other person are mutually responsible for the things that you say and do in the foundation of your love. Recognise that all that you say, or don’t say can come into play months or even years into the relationship.
So Honesty about everything should be the policy.
It promotes that kind of Adam and Eve Nakedness, just don’t let the cunning serpent make you lie to your partner. 😉

All things said with Love and Respect
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3 thoughts on “Your Relationship & Honesty

  1. I used to feel stupid when I made decisions especially important life decisions because I believed someone who was lying and me not knowing at the time but you know what I worked through that and I would not feel stupid again. They are the ones that should feel stupid and ashamed. I just look at it as, I stayed true to me and did the right thing which is believing a person who I cared for trusting them to be honest. I did nothing wrong so why should I feel dumb ? That’s all on them.

    • Hey Nina,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
      It’s great to see that there are people who do deal with things directly as is.

      I would like to add to this is that.

      Disappoint through dishonesty doesn’t just stop at hurt feelings. Unless a person has the strength to deal with things correctly its like that A “Hurt” person will “Hurt” others.. Innocent people get hurt because of Liars and although this is a fact it should not become a part of our own habits.

      • Agreed. It’s very true hurt people do hurt others, some intentionally and some not. Some do it on purpose because they want others to hurt the way they’re hurting and feel how they feel and others do it because they ,well, they just want someone to understand their pain.

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