Relationship Short Notes :- Hurt People

If you are a hurting person, take the time to assess the depth of your pain. Whatever you have been through can either be a stepping stone or bear trap to your emotional development. Whatever you store in your heart if it be, envy, malice, anger, bitterness, discontentment, frustration, wrath or just plain old negativity you could find yourself destroying other people to heal your broken heart. What you went through was not right and I figure it feels ten times worse when you see that the person you were hurt by is living a seemingly happy and blissful life. It would be smart to confront the person who hurt you and see where that conversation ends up. If you find it becoming abusive in nature, you know a sort of RE run of what happened in the past then say your peace and leave calmly. Dont be afraid to alert that person know that you are letting that guy/girl go..

If you are the one hurting others it’s about time you came to your senses and realise that this world and its awesome ball like shape does not revolved around you. You are not the sun! You constantly create turmoil for others all in a bid to get your personal satisfaction but what have you done for others lately? Why do you deserve to lead people to their emotional destructions? Shouldn’t you at least have some form of mercy and truth in you that tells you that your habits are creating chaos.
For, this day onwards lets be clear!


All things said with Love and Respect
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