Relationship Short Notes :- Stop Trippin!

Today’s thought is about the subject of Love and attraction.
Are you the kind of person who falls in love easily or gets into a relationship without counting the cost. Perhaps it’s time to start discerning exactly why you keep deciding on the same types of men/women. Attraction is about taste and whenever I speak to people I encourage them to change their tastes. Bad relationships are like unhealthy food. You never know the consequences of your diet until you’re sick or worse on your death bed. All these frequent pleasures of the eyes you enjoy without checking for the reasons some things are attractive. Many of us are attracted to what looks good but we find it hard to get along with those who are good. Those who are good and reliable, and faithful we make them our least considered friends but those who suit our tastes we make our romantic pursuits..something’s clearly not right and you my dear friend need to find out what it is..


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