Relationship Short Notes :- Sex and The Man


The truth is some of us need to be smarter with where our impulses lead us. The Lower half of your body is a treasure you have to take care of with a discerning mind. Your sexual expression is a gift that you can preserve for your good until marriage and in marriage. It can also be used for the downfall of yourself and the person you supposedly care about. Find me a man who is steering away from sleeping with multiple women and searching for a wife and I will show you a man worthy of honour and respect. Why would a boy be considered a man when cannot not put childish things away? Surely at some point EVERYMAN has to put his sexual health first and his heart right by seeking some help to redefine himself because up until then multiple partners have fragmented his soul into a black hole of uncertainty and indecision.

Your lower half is a treasure you must protect not with a condom but with your mind. For once in your life consider how sleeping around affects your bigger picture. If sleeping around doesn’t distort or ruin your bigger picture then maybe you need to expand your canvas…


All things said with Love and Respect
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