Head and Heart 

When people say stuff like “I really want to find the person to have and to hold for the rest of my life but on the inside they are saying, these hoes aint loyal.” I cannot blame them, their desires are mixing with the genuine fears of a generation that is so well sex trained that it is almost completely Love broke. They are looking for and expecting people who are not in a position to be loyal to become their most trusted Lover. #FIXYOURLIFE #HowSway!?

How Sway

You my friend may be suffering from a grand delusion that will keep you running around in circles. Here you are saying you want a Virtuous woman but your secret relationship with porn and hoes clouds your judgement about the kind of things you should really be asking of a truly virtuous woman.

You know there are guys who may admit they want respect and love but when they are in a position to gain exactly that they instead of walking the safe route of maturity they start trying to figure out how they can take advantage of the availability of a virtuous woman.

They ask and seek for sexual gratification and in so doing they lose sight of what they originally approached her for if they had any noble intentions to begin with. You went to a virtuous woman demanding she behave like the the hoes that are not loyal!!? Are you alright? Why do you wish to compromise her virtue with your 50 shades of grey that lead to her loosing her confidence trying to keep up with you.

Shocked Face

What about the girls who constantly want attention via social media, go to “church” but be actively SEXTING guys in a bid to appease their own lusts and desire for attention but would gladly quote a religious text in their online bio’s or worse its the same girl that will retweet a picture/video, meme of someone in a sexually compromising position pretty much polluting even the most innocent eye? The same girl then complains/retweets/rants about the shortage of good men!!! #SHUTUP. If its real virtue you have then you should stop with the siren behaviour, be yourself and conduct yourself in the way you wouldnt mind your Father finding you.


I dare you to stop getting on your knees for the wrong reasons and for the wrong people. At this rate permit me to make you are aware that there are two types of kneeling that a person can to do on a frequent basis, one leads to blessings and elevation and the other leads to humiliation and if you are even more unlucky it will be on social media.


Stop asking for good things when you don’t intend to be good enough to maintain and treasure them especially people. – @MrVitoSpeaks

To be fair there is a shortage of actual good men for you to ruin because these men don’t think with their penis, they think with their rational head and purposeful heart. Are these men in denial of their sexual urges? Absolutely not! In fact they are so in touch that a virtuous woman commits to life with him she will feel the love during the first night and beyond it (Okay may be not the first night 🙂 ).

As much as I wish that this type of sexual seduction from seemingly genuine people could stop I doubt it will but  I would like to make a call to all the ‘Virtuous Women and Faithful Men’ out there that its time to understand that you could actually be with someone you can love and cherish but if youre out here living in the half way house where you make genuine requests to be with virtue but are always obsessed over compromised people you are delaying and prolonging in many ways your eligibility to the mature men and women because of cheap but very costly gimics.

Imagine so many pure intentioned people mixing their Visions and Purposes with lust instead of love, with humiliation instead of humility, with Thots insteads Good Thoughts, with Subservience instead of healthy Submission.

Yes! you are are right this is indeed the world we live in but there is no where, where it is written in stone that you must continue to live like this to find what/who you are truly asking for.

Have a good day


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