New Music – Natisha “In The Detail’

Hey Guys, hope you’re all well. So the last few months for me have been about being creative and thankfully my endeavours have not been fruitless. Today I present to you a budding artist I’m working with known as Natisha. She is a Singer/SongWriter from South East London with an amazing voice and a heart of gold. Recently we dropped a song we worked on together and I would love for you to listen to it and share it where you can. It will soon be available on other streaming platforms but for now its available on Youtube and Soundcloud.

This song was written in response to the everyday frustrations of women who have been through it rough with men who claim to love them and will even die for them but never come through for them. The woman wishes to address the suppression shes facing and also deals with the unrealistic oppressive expectations of her lover and recounts how many times shes backed out of a relationship with him only to be sucked in by his charming persuasion. Find your strength to say no and make your feelings known.

Make sure you follow her on all her socials below.

Instagram – IamNatisha1

SoundCloud – IamNatisha

Youtube – IamNatisha

Thanks so much for listening I deeply appreciate all the support you have shown for this song and the love you continue to show the hard work.

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Instagram – KingVitoSpeaks

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