Relationship Short Notes :- Real Love Looks Like WORK

Here’s the thing…
Why do us men always expect a ready made woman? If she’s ready made you will have no chance of teaching her. Shouldn’t we be seeking knowledge to bring the best out of our women? Most men only know how to use and abandon the women they CLAIM to love. We love her the way she is but we are not prepared to stick it out and see what she will become… I know women who have gone on to be amazing without the man that trashed them initially but it really shouldn’t be that way. Men who abandon the woman they started a fire and a vision with leave good women with scars and fatherless children. These types of men think like children..they consider women to be disposable toys that they have outgrown. Every man needs to put away childish things but honestly speaking it should never be at the expense of a good woman. If you are determined to be a mature version of yourself… Man Up and don’t abandon the beautiful woman you are responsible for.


The truth is REAL LOVE looks like WORK but if you’re smart you can make a woman a masterpiece rather than turning her into left overs. She deserves to be cherished, elevated and spoken highly of because of you. Real Love doesn’t start with money and all expense paid trips to emptiness…. It starts with the desire in a man to see the woman in his life become the very best of what Life has invited her to accomplish which ultimately will be a Sub of your mission as a man. If as a man you stick around long enough you may leave a legacy worth admiring.

All things said with Love and Respect
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