New Music – Natisha “In The Detail’

Hey Guys, hope you’re all well. So the last few months for me have been about being creative and thankfully my endeavours have not been fruitless. Today I present to you a budding artist I’m working with known as Natisha. She is a Singer/SongWriter from South East London with an amazing voice and a heart of gold. Recently we dropped a song we worked on together and I would love for you to listen to it and share it where you can. It will soon be available on other streaming platforms but for now its available on Youtube and Soundcloud.

This song was written in response to the everyday frustrations of women who have been through it rough with men who claim to love them and will even die for them but never come through for them. The woman wishes to address the suppression shes facing and also deals with the unrealistic oppressive expectations of her lover and recounts how many times shes backed out of a relationship with him only to be sucked in by his charming persuasion. Find your strength to say no and make your feelings known.

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Thanks so much for listening I deeply appreciate all the support you have shown for this song and the love you continue to show the hard work.

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Detours and Setbacks


I particularly like this thought so much I had to tweet it. As a man I believe in integrity and sticking to your guns when it comes to the things you believe in especially if the things you believe in are beneficial not just to yourself but others. I don’t know if this has ever happened to you but to be honest it has to me.

I have on many occasions taken detours from clear Vision to may be help a friend, save a girlfriend, live another mans dream, sacrificed my usefulness to useless endeavours and to be straight with you, I ended up paying untold costs in time, money, relationships and other things. All because I didn’t stick to my Vision.

What if I had soldiered through or away from the distractions? I perhaps wouldn’t have spent as much time following after such things.

The friend I was distracted by is now a frienemy! The girlfriend I tried to save went into the arms of another man, my energies used turned into regrets instead of actual usefulness to who I have become today. There are those of you who will defend your detours but its because you can justify the fun but you cant justify its role in your purpose. What you think is growth and being more accommodating is actually a slow form of bitterness that has lead to you trusting people less, giving up on genuine people, hurting others because the situation ships you detoured for disappointed you and you’re out here still looking for a Breakthrough because you took a break when you should have just walked through.

We at all times should take responsibility for our actions and also afford blame and appropriate crimes to the right perpetrators. This includes self

When you do this you will have a better sense of peace and focus. I am in no way suggesting you blame everyone else and leave yourself out but I am suggesting that as you refocus understand now more than ever that your detours can cost you dearly so when a situation or relationship arises that requires your time, resource, commitment, availability, Love, money and connections ask yourself will this be a necessary step or a costly detour?


Meanwhile since refocusing I feel my sense of purpose is less distracted and the greatness can be freely extracted I trust that the same will happen for you as you consider your detours and how you will deal with them the next time they arise.

#BackToVision #BackToBusiness

Have a good day