Single Man & His Desired Relationship

Single and Looking….Man

For those of us who are single, I want you to know that there is no peak time or rush hour for love. This is really the best time for you. A good relationship is always around the corner the question is just how great is your vision at the moment?


Men:- A man must be searching not just longing for the woman he needs. Things and people don’t just appear and if they do appear in the absence of our preparation they will be hard to trust.

You have to actively search your heart, your surroundings and discern amidst your female friends, someone who would be a great candidate.

I am not so sure, what it is about ‘relationships’ that hates ‘friendship’. Most men will look past a good female friend in favour of a girl who knows nothing about them. This may be one of our issues right, we(Men) are not keen to be with someone whom we have exposed our flaws and emotions to and in even some cases our sexuality to. Now the irony is that you eventually end up revealing your self to your partner anyway. *___*

Men, I suggest that you should save yourself the hassle and look for “the one” amidst your lady friends. The only reason this will ring alarm bells is because you constantly hang around women you find attractive but you can’t have or you never trust them. How do you hang around people you can’t trust and really be comfortable?

Pursuing a girl who knows you can be very tricky especially if you have been a difficult man in your past, but you know what becoming a new man is, what it’s all about. The new man who you are becoming is the “One” whom you can introduce to your future wife.


Also for the sake of the new man that will emerge from you, I suggest you read some books to really get a good focus on what you need in a woman. The truth is Pornography, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter just won’t teach you anything other than things that you want to see, Or lust after but cannot “Respect” You.
Dont mess up your “sex drive” and damage your mindset on how love is supposed to work in the real world. With a real woman.

As a man be picky about what informs you and fuels your vision for yourself. Test the examples you encounter and don’t just follow and imitate any man because He is rich and (Financially) successful because his choices concerning everything I recommended you study will determine where you end up.

All things said with Love and Respect
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