Word Of Advice – Be Careful Who You Let In

For so long I personally have witnessed and battled with the kind of people this thought refers to. You know little of pain until you are caught in the war and chaos created by a divisive person.

Divisive people like to create an ecosystem based around them and often their divisiveness is rooted in control of the ecosystem that feeds your destiny. Divisive people always seek to control the strings of vital relationships that feed your work, inspiration and those that give you validation.

They spend the most time seeking an explanation for your preservation, Deliverance & transformation. They want the keys to everything that makes you unique as though they will unlock your next level of growth but really left up to them they would rather put you in the grave of unfulfilled potentials. Having been around them, having been in the midst of them I want you to know that the conversation is not about your well-being but about exposing you to humiliation.

So mind yourself, be conscious that discussion about your plans, future, well-being is not supposed to be happening with people who by nature only see how they can dig holes rather than mount stepping stones.

I’m sure in 2017 you have wised up even if its just a little bit.

KIngly regards

King V



Kicking It With A King (Podcast)


So the other day my friend was talking about how I should start a Podcast seeing as there is something in me speaking. I took on the challenge and decided to call it Kicking It With A King! I wanted this to mean something to everything I do with and have become with the people God has bless me with.

I don’t seek to dominate people but more Cultivate people for greatness! So with that said enjoy the podcasts as they come through!

Im definitely looking forward to doing more and who knows I would like to get some guests in. In the meantime lets put that foundation in place.

Among other things I do Youtube stuffs lool.

King Vito Speaks



Do You Need To Wait Or Stop?


Did you know that there is a difference between stopping and waiting in life? Some people think the two words mean the same but actually they are different in what they are asking you to do.

When I tell you to stop it means be stationery and cease what you are doing. This means your hopes of moving are in control of whoever has told you to stop and its likely you don’t really have the say in when you can be on the go again or if at all you will be on the go again.

When I tell you to wait Im actually asking you to pause with an anticipation that your moment to go can come any second. Im saying be ready to go at a moments notice. To wait is very strategic. It requires patience and a whole set of skills that come with maturity to wait and be successful doing exactly just that waiting.

Today  I want to say, there is a difference between some one telling you to stop what you are doing with your life and someome telling you to wait. So many of us are guilty of misinterpreting the word wait and thinking it means stop and that we must never do that thing again.

When your teacher told you to stop doing something it means that they dont want that thing to happen again. A truly good teacher would see how your actions are ruining the classes chance of reaching the Learning objectives.

When your teacher tells you to wait it suggests that you can and should anticipate that there will be a moment you can do that very thing you desire to do just not yet.

Overtime I have realised that immature people need to be told to stop all the time because even their most well meaning actions can cause heart ache and discomfort in themselves,  the people they love and the bigger picture, in the same vein mature people only need to be told to wait.  You see mature people consider all the things Ive just mentioned above and instead of misbehaving out of impatience they choose a stance that enables them to rise up to the occasion as opposed to stumping their feet in protest or acting out of frustration.

Basically if you cant be told to wait then you have a lot of growing up to do. If you can’t be told to stop and the word stop doesn’t even make sense to you then there are serious discipline issues that need to be resolved before you can be trusted to wait and move when the time is right.

Today ask yourself what are you being told to do more of. STOP OR WAIT.

Stop means – “What you are doing right now could ruin your bigger picture and the lives of others”

Wait means – “I know you can see the bigger picture and what you are about to do could really build a better future but your timing must be precise”

Have a good day..


Head and Heart 

When people say stuff like “I really want to find the person to have and to hold for the rest of my life but on the inside they are saying, these hoes aint loyal.” I cannot blame them, their desires are mixing with the genuine fears of a generation that is so well sex trained that it is almost completely Love broke. They are looking for and expecting people who are not in a position to be loyal to become their most trusted Lover. #FIXYOURLIFE #HowSway!?

How Sway

You my friend may be suffering from a grand delusion that will keep you running around in circles. Here you are saying you want a Virtuous woman but your secret relationship with porn and hoes clouds your judgement about the kind of things you should really be asking of a truly virtuous woman.

You know there are guys who may admit they want respect and love but when they are in a position to gain exactly that they instead of walking the safe route of maturity they start trying to figure out how they can take advantage of the availability of a virtuous woman.

They ask and seek for sexual gratification and in so doing they lose sight of what they originally approached her for if they had any noble intentions to begin with. You went to a virtuous woman demanding she behave like the the hoes that are not loyal!!? Are you alright? Why do you wish to compromise her virtue with your 50 shades of grey that lead to her loosing her confidence trying to keep up with you.

Shocked Face

What about the girls who constantly want attention via social media, go to “church” but be actively SEXTING guys in a bid to appease their own lusts and desire for attention but would gladly quote a religious text in their online bio’s or worse its the same girl that will retweet a picture/video, meme of someone in a sexually compromising position pretty much polluting even the most innocent eye? The same girl then complains/retweets/rants about the shortage of good men!!! #SHUTUP. If its real virtue you have then you should stop with the siren behaviour, be yourself and conduct yourself in the way you wouldnt mind your Father finding you.


I dare you to stop getting on your knees for the wrong reasons and for the wrong people. At this rate permit me to make you are aware that there are two types of kneeling that a person can to do on a frequent basis, one leads to blessings and elevation and the other leads to humiliation and if you are even more unlucky it will be on social media.


Stop asking for good things when you don’t intend to be good enough to maintain and treasure them especially people. – @MrVitoSpeaks

To be fair there is a shortage of actual good men for you to ruin because these men don’t think with their penis, they think with their rational head and purposeful heart. Are these men in denial of their sexual urges? Absolutely not! In fact they are so in touch that a virtuous woman commits to life with him she will feel the love during the first night and beyond it (Okay may be not the first night 🙂 ).

As much as I wish that this type of sexual seduction from seemingly genuine people could stop I doubt it will but  I would like to make a call to all the ‘Virtuous Women and Faithful Men’ out there that its time to understand that you could actually be with someone you can love and cherish but if youre out here living in the half way house where you make genuine requests to be with virtue but are always obsessed over compromised people you are delaying and prolonging in many ways your eligibility to the mature men and women because of cheap but very costly gimics.

Imagine so many pure intentioned people mixing their Visions and Purposes with lust instead of love, with humiliation instead of humility, with Thots insteads Good Thoughts, with Subservience instead of healthy Submission.

Yes! you are are right this is indeed the world we live in but there is no where, where it is written in stone that you must continue to live like this to find what/who you are truly asking for.

Have a good day


Man Thoughts: The Integrity of My People

“My integrity will take me a long way.
But our integrity will lift us out of the Miry Clay of Corruption.”- Martin Vito

If you are someone who walks in integrity, I urge you persist on that path. There is plenty of light in that kind of tunnel. The first light is you and the second is the people that you choose to walk, talk and do business with. Diaspora Africans have a challenge on their hands when it comes to believing in and supporting one another. Due to reasons owing to the economic climate we are forced to constantly surf over the depth of our personal and collective insecurities when it comes to matters of trust. We fear back stabbers, gold diggers, oppportunists, frienemies and adulterers in various forms. Sometimes it seems we would rather fear them or become them. In reality we have to confront them.

We cannot even speak long enough about our social ills before someone starts showing off about their personal achievements and attainments that only conclude on the note of personal glory. In that personal story no one else is included, no flag can be raised and no true honour can be awarded because our efforts are for selfish gain and not collective establishment of a decent vantage point. Our brand of teamwork is constantly laced with selfish ambition. The corruptions of the few become the corruptions of the many when we say nothing.

Our Family structures are riddled with secrets of things no one ever talks about. When will we ask ourselves the deeper questions about where we came from and whats resident in our DNA? Is my selfish ambition, emotional dysfunction, sexual addiction, impenetrable pride, pornographic desire a condition imposed on me by the nation I am in or a descendant of my “unknown” ancestors? If it is a combination of the two then I must weed out what is in me and spread the message of that clearance.

At some stage someone will have to ask the pertinent question about personal Family History before they ask us about National History. Secondary to that question should be where does my Family sit in connection to the history of my nation of origin.

The answers to these very two questions will start an avalanche of drive and courage to correct the wrongs passed on through ignorance and write the story that best reflects a heart sobered by deep discovery.

©Martin Vito 2014
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