Are you a true Friend or Nah?


Did you know in life you cant force friendships? You cant keep rolling in friend circles that only spread rumor and bad vibes about you but cant speak to you in honesty and love. You cant keep following people who dont have a lifting power about them. Im not saying that your friends should be your fans but they must certainly must have your back and prepare to risk everything to ensure you become amazing even with out them.

Loyalty and progress go hand in hand but guess what so does loyalty and stagnation. Sometimes in being loyal to twisted and ill evidenced values you strangle what’s actually possible for your own life.

Your friends and ambitions really do have to be in the same place and you have to think and lool closely will this connection bring the fire of determination or the fire of wrath.

In the first fire you will find that you and your friends are aiming for a similar cause therefore like gym buddies you have someone to help you lift the weight off you when you need them to during training.  The other fire is the same passion but you end up being bitter about yourself and doing less with what has been given to you. In fact that friendship leaves a bitter taste in your mouth as you constantly question the reason for the friendship if it does nothing but bring misery you  cannot speak up about because of the Fear of Losing your friends loyalty.

You may not immediately see what i mean by wrath but trust me when I say that your true friends with the right mind state will bring out the best in you and of course the wrong friends will bring out the wrath in you.

A true friend may wound you to stop you going on a path of self destruction and risk even their reputation to save you from your hand made hell so i want to advise you not take offence but let the good friend in and see the bad friend out.

Have a good day


Relationship Short Notes :- Faithfulness

In relationships it’s all well and good staying faithful to a man/woman who is constantly cheating, why are you sustaining some one who is not dedicated to you. Are you maintaining an unsustainable relationship? It’s essential that if you have a cheating partner you let them know what it is and wassup! Why do you reward bad behaviour with dedication. Get to that stage where you can clear up the fog! Stop applying the wrong principle to the wrong person.


All things said with Love and Respect
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Love & Purpose: Men and Their Leagues

Theres different leagues of men. Each League has a different attitude towards love and purpose.

Premier League
Division One
Division Two
Division Three


1) In the Premier League This mans knowledge of his Purpose creates and maintains a place where Love can exist. The man in this league wants a woman to take the journey with him not just spend the night. The rules and self discipline for him are different. Sex is not until marriage. Now although some men Live in this league others pop in and out as an when their feelings take over. It is this inconsistency that causes good women to relegate him..
Rules for relegation include
A) Unfaithful.
B) Poor Emotions Management.
C) Refusing to Address the important things crucial to maintenance.
D) Poor Self Outlook
E) Love that Promises to but never KEEPS you secure(No Matter what You Try)

2) Division 1
This kind of man will get with a partner, have sex, claim to fall in love, accidentally gets committed to the relationship. He reluctantly follows the natural path of a relationship but he is not interested in marriage with you for one reason or the other, He would accept buying a house with you and living together for about 10-15years then get married after the 3rd Child. The relationship is filled with break ups and make ups. Possibly children with other women and affairs.
His children are likely to follow the same example as they did not see marriage but a slightly volatile version of togetherness.

3)Division 2
Is strictly for “Causal Relationships” and “casual dating”
Sex is the norm and this man is part of a network of people that dont know what love is only see sex first and details later. For this kind of man if sex is not provided then he will look elsewhere.. But if they liked how they were getting it from the women, then they may be back for more.. But this kind of man is only in it because of what he can get not because of Love and Dedication. This kind of man leaves the woman lacking a relationship. The woman involved falls in what she thinks is love but this man will not be there to catch her heart because he is only thrilled by the chase and hates the status.

4)Division 3
In this league its okay to kiss whoever, whenever, that kind of Jeremy Kyle lifestyle “Don’t know if that’s My Son”. A relationship with man is not permitted but girls still do it anyway. He does what he pleases when he pleases.. He has no other aspiration but to test drive every woman he can before he comes to his senses. Hes down for the nights but hes never there in the morning. Is in a different bed every week and sees him self as a man slut by profession. Dresses well because his life is empty without a sexual prize..

Every woman now has choice as to which man they will allow in. Your consciousness of league determines what you allow in. You decide on where your life will end up and with whom. Women who get swept up by any man in any league are likely to be swapped between leagues and never find true happiness with one partner. Until they manage to catch the “MATCH OF THE DAY” unfortunately this is the kind of woman who wants her version of a good man trapped in a bad boys image. Everything is an experiment with this woman.

The truth is you never have to sell yourself to the man who deserves you. When he approaches he will be and remain what he needs to be to bring the peace required to down the aisle and stay in the aisle with you for Life.

All things said with Love and Respect
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Womanhood Qualities Part 1

This is a useful fragment of thought on the subject of Powerful Women, Love and Patience….
Good woman, do not take offence but acknowledge the viewpoint and let your curiosity explore and understand what is being said.

If you have ever dealt with an impatient woman then you may understand the earnest findings I have made. Impatient women tend to have a way about them that reduces good things happening the way they expect them to. Never in life allow impatience to be your downfall. Impulse actions, demands and unearned entitlements, are all signs of impatience and such situations are usually short lived.


When you always expect your potential partner to play tennis when they are more of a chess player you may find yourself burning steam on the wrong situations and even claiming that your potential partner is out to annoy you. You tend to overlook the chance of getting to know the mans tempo and assume a lot about what he should be doing and how quick he should be moving.


Women who demand a man moves faster than his normal pace of operation must have the patience to factor in, a mans natural resistance to change, and the threat a relationship poses to his personal set up. Also in the case of a man who is actually looking for commitment his hesitance could be a signal that he is observing something about the woman that is making him fearful. It may be in the words from her mouth, through her conduct or even through her emerging reputation but it is her responsibility to patiently seek out the reasons for which a commitment hasn’t been made. So I will advise that before you dear powerful woman demand dedication from a man I believe your words, your conduct and reputation should be cleaned up.
A goodman may be ready to let go of singleness to embrace commitment but he too needs a chance to adjust to the new settings. Whilst exercising your patience also have good expectations of the mans adjustments. If while adjusting, your potential partner still sees it fit to be in the company of the wrong kind of women then patience is not needed.


A decision about where to invest time needs to be made by the man.
Thus every woman who is already exercising patience should know that there is always a time limit on patience. If 5-6Years go by and marriage is still a fleeting thought then you have exercised way too much patience and it is most likely you are living in a subconscious marriage(bad idea). A patient woman should not make the decision as to whether a man will commit to her or not but rather drive a man to make a decision.

A Patient Woman Talks Like This:-
“I really enjoy spending time with you and I have been wondering what the purpose of us meeting is. I don’t want to abuse our friendship by assuming or pretending we are going somewhere you don’t want to go. Did you have a desire to take this to a higher level of commitment?
If not then please let me know so I know where we are now and I want you to know as much as it might be uncomfortable I would be okay moving on to dating other people if commitment is not possible for you at this time.”


“Remember being a powerful woman doesn’t and shouldn’t make you immune to asking for and experiencing real love.”

All things said with Love and Respect
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