Kicking It With A King (Podcast)


So the other day my friend was talking about how I should start a Podcast seeing as there is something in me speaking. I took on the challenge and decided to call it Kicking It With A King! I wanted this to mean something to everything I do with and have become with the people God has bless me with.

I don’t seek to dominate people but more Cultivate people for greatness! So with that said enjoy the podcasts as they come through!

Im definitely looking forward to doing more and who knows I would like to get some guests in. In the meantime lets put that foundation in place.

Among other things I do Youtube stuffs lool.

King Vito Speaks


Stop Pretending and Get Help


You know I don’t know how long people can ignore things that need to be talked about but I for one would prefer to discuss it before it becomes the storm I will be swept away by. So many of us really could be better people by now by, dealing with the wounds of the soul with care, dignity and urgency. When you are injured and maybe even see a hint of blood you think to yourself “I need to go to the A & E to make sure nothings broken.” If only we behaved in the same way when it comes to our emotional injuries, mental injuries we would heal quickly and be even more satisfied as people. When will make it a point tl ensure that nothing inside is broken?

Unfortunately most of us take out eyes off the ball of resolving internal conflicts and traumas until of course they start showing up in the things we do on a daily basis. Women who refuse to acknowledge the importance of men because even their fathers we absent or lacked presence in the home. Men who can’t bring themselves to the alter to marry out of concern that they too will bail out on an actual family because Dad did the same. Most people do nothing until it begins to tear apart their loved ones and literally creates casualties out of well meaning relationships and well placed opportunities.

Yes ladies and gentlemen please understand that when what lies beneath remains lies beneath.
We are slowly poisoning the source of our joys, strengths, abilities, connections and soon it will make itself known in some way shape or form.

While you fail, neglect, refuse, and reject to address your issues with some true conversation and therapy you are creating something in you you will either be ashamed of or will literally troll your successes.

Folks who are in denial are the hardest to deal with. They deny that something is bubbling over into another thing. They create lethal friendship connections, faulty relationships with the opposite sex and are just never available enough for actual transformation. They are the people who respond last minute to the storm warnings. They are the ones who devastate others way more and in so doing their most decisive tool is pretending they are actually OK when everything about them will KO the next vulnerable person around them in some way shape or form.
Please stop pretending and get the help you need PRONTO!.

Have a good day


4 Types Of Fools You Keep Dating

Ladies Ladies Ladies! This one’s for  you and all the good guys in this world, I need to ask you this pressing question. Who the hec are you dating, mating and giving in to your temptations with?  It’s a pressing thing for me right now to dare to ask who exactly you are letting into your hearts,  minds and bodies. Not one of you should be dating, mating, engaging or even marrying a fool unless you of course are a fool all on your own.

For clarities sake let me show you 4 types of fools you’re leaving yourself open to and how its affecting your value  and potential future with a good man.

1) The first fool is the person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person.

You know what I understand that girls like guys who don’t always take themselves seriously you know the comedic types but some ladies cant tell the difference between humor and immaturity because it all seems funny until of course you need this guy to be  a solid rock of some kind. Every man should strive to possess a quality like humor that can bring joy but I think when the joy becomes void of any meaningful progression then its questionable. This type of fool shouldn’t even be given a second date let alone access to your pound cake. Unfortunately he does because you are sort of struggling with accepting that you are indeed worth more than this  so silly is acceptable until it hurts the one accommodating it.

2) The second fool is someone capable of doing a skilful act performed just for your entertainment or amusement.

This kind of fool mesmerises you with his abilities, sort of peacocking his strengths like being devoted to his faith but when it comes to his day to day living he is incapable of holding a decent conversation that doesn’t hinge on a bible verse, I’m not talking about the man who backs his faith with action. Im talking about the man who knows more Bible Verses than you but wont put his life together. BesidedNo matter how much he knows it never brings about a conviction about your own personal change. He is only in your life because of what he can do but not because of who he can be.  Men like this seldom change their focus to build in themselves character to back their deepest convictions let alone act on them. Instead they continually seek to keep your attention with tricks like monkeys do just to get the treat of spending time with you,  be it on the phone, in church,  which will only cause you to yield to calculated advances not just of a sexual nature but even marriage and suddenly you’re tied down because this man was available and so were you.
His character deficiencies mean you will only progress to the degree of his personal development which is at level 0 last time you checked but you accept because well he is skilled Right?

3) The third fool is the guy you like and find attractive because it always feels like youre both trying to Cunningly deceive or outwit each other in everything.

Yes this man makes you strip down to your bare essentials in what many of your friends see as a humiliating relation that has no ship  just sex and wits.  Nobody can get you out of this except yourself! Even I wont tell you to break up with him because this is as much about your foolish self as it is about the fool youre choosing to let back in just for the thrill of the fake love, the sexting, the rendezvous and the feeling that where you are is heaven meanwhile its a card board box in a brothel that needs to be folded up and burned in hell. So you keep fooling yourself with that mirage and race towards stds, pregnancies & more manipulation.

4) This last fool is harder to spot but the truth is he is liable to fail; and like a man without proper guidance in life he is defective.

This fool will promise you the world with him as King, ideals with no well thought action plans,  flukes with no evidence of training,  illusions that make even the most skeptic girl give him many chances to prove himself. The kind of guy whom when you ask about the future is even skeptical an about the next day. Hes always trying something new but never has something more than that to do. His programmed to get money but wont spend a dime on you but because you think you see the truth you have made him king even over what is yours but he will never make you queen over anything in his power.
The same man will want all of you but give you none of himself. He knows your fears but your own voice never makes a difference to his ear.  He cant be heard speaking the truth in love but he always shouting the lie in broad day light. The sort of fool i would encourage you to avoid dating because he could cost you your destiny and if left to continue could cost you your life.

Ladies Please Don’t Let these Fools In.
Save it all for a man who will make it easy for you to approach his throne gracefully with your dreams, future  and will see to it that you’re set on a path to making a lasting legacy happen.

Have a good day.


Leadership Notes: Escape Plan


Are you actively making efforts to live and survive in a negative situation/relationship/workplace and its putting you in emotional, physical, financial, spiritual and mental mess?
Has your situation brought you to promotion or dysfunction?

Perhaps its time you have to be brave enough to escape that situation by packing your belongings and leaving.

There are some things one cannot conquer until one has left the environment in which those issues are fostered.- Martin Vito

Try living a fufilling wholesome lifestyle in sodom and gomorrah.. 👀.. friend you may very well be forced to make some quick decisions when the time comes to escape. Whilst escaping Just remember that some situations are the way they are because we chose without foresight.


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All things said with Love and Respect
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Relationship Notes:- Thoughts about My Mrs


If my wife could rap bars that would be a shambles..
But my wife speaks words of wisdom just check her twitter handles

We belong together like a tweet and a hash tag
To me shes more attractive than the sexiest girl
in a black dress with black heels and a black bag

More Money isn’t everything, she reminds me Im a boss
When I clocked I was a King and she was the Queen
I was prepared to pay the cost

Daily I Grow with her by my side,
And so we Live like we on the otherside
I Love her with the Love of Christ

I will continue to show her more reasons why
I am the right guy, By Loving her with the right mind

Her respect in my life is a bright light that defines
Little wonder people like me always sound like a star who Just saw a sign.

In reality, my wife Mrs Lola Vito is an inspiration to a lot of my present actions. She inspires me and others in the most interesting ways. Shes a woman of quality words and quality actions. She seeks to help me and others whenever needed. She is the woman that saw me where I was and sees me for the man that I am now and the man that I need to be.

To my brothers I wish many more of you would find or at least accept some help on to keep a good woman. Hey with your permission I will some day sit you down and encourage you to be the right man for a good woman.

A GOOD WOMAN DOESNT just LOOK GOOD but she IS GOOD. She knows her worth and keeps her eyes on the truth behind everything. She is not in love with just the idea of marriage she actually respects the man shes married to. She is growing up in perfection(Mature application of her greatest virtues and is in constant awareness of the grace available for her greatest weaknesses). She like any woman ready for a greater life becomes uncomfortable with changes she needs to make but before long she becomes the change that she wants to see. Lola has earned her place in my life without compromises but through consistency and standing for the right things.

All men look at women but very few men even know who they are looking for. Very few men are honest with themselves let alone with the women they look at.

People keep asking Where are all the good men gone? Probably under a mountain of issues brought on by compromise, pride, pleasure, side chicks and some because they dont have the money to appear like he wants to the woman of his “wet dreams”.

Where are all the good women gone? Somewhere making money, spending money beneath the compromise of habitually dating unworthy men whilst searching for someone who they “DO NOT KNOW 🙈” and most times cannot see. Too many “good women” are stuck mistaking fools(careless men) for kings(Lovers and leaders) and too many “kings” are turning side chicks into housewives.

I hope in your search for Love you will learn to avoid the pitfalls that come with experimentation and impulse. You have my support at your disposal and dont be shy to ask the questions you need to.

‘Remember Valentines is A Day, Love is a Lifestyle’


Man Thoughts: Real Class has nothing to do with Thine Breast and Thine Ass


Class has nothing to do with thine Breast and thine Ass
Demand something more of yourself from the depths of your soul
Something valuable that outlasts your lumps and your bumps
Something deeper that goes past the depths of your peaks
Its somewhere in there, hidden beneath your hair
Its somewhere in there, hidden beneath the filters on the photos you share

I wish I could see more of you and not your mutiple views of your figure
I know you think your looks attract me
But sometimes if not most times your looks attack me.
I cannot even appreciate the goodness in you
When I only see that dress is barely even on you.

You would rather get skint trying to show me your skin
You would rather be fair skinned than be fair to your skin.
If my love as a man is not for sale
Why is yours forever on discount even when there is no sale.
I wish you would value YOU more than I do
Because if you did I would learn to love the woman
more as a woman
And not an Idol.
Your eyes look like a dolls and it seems
Your only prize is your hair and your clothes

In all honesty where do I fit in?
If you are only obsessed with being a sex kitten.
My dreams, ambitions cannot fit between your legs
I need them to enter into and be repeated through the holes
In and around your head.

Just remember as you walk around your own ego
Class has nothing to do with thine breast and thine ass

©Martin Vito 2014
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Leadership Notes: Reflection And New Thinking

I sincerely hope that my thoughts find you strong and well. As we wrap up 2013 I just want to thank everyone who was a part of my personal developmental process. Admittedly it is not easy to just share ones thoughts especially when they go against the grain of people you may still be talking to and engaging with on a regular basis. Anyway I share because I care, it is what it is.


Over time I have come to find that if you have a voice, you should speak and in doing so be prepared to accept whatever comes with that voice being heard and that includes the perks and the set backs. In 2013 I encountered so many interesting people who have some great views as well as some with not so great views in relation to mine. I learnt something from all of them and I sincerely hope that they have learnt something from me.

Ironically when we think of our personal development and its implications we rarely look at its impact on others. People who are self focused assume that personal development is all about “Me, Myself, And I” but really the best benefits are usually received by the people right next to you. A better me means that I give better advice to those in need of it, a better me means I see less of myself and more of the amazingness of the people around me. A better me means I trust people with the things that I discern they can handle rather than just what they say with their mouths.

In reflection there is very little I would do differently in 2013. I have made mistakes most especially mistakes unique to my Purpose and my desire to help others.

2014 is that time to improve as I realise what needs to be changed rather than waiting for time to go by before I look closer.

3 Things To do differently In 2014…

1) Stop assuming that just because someone has nodded their head in agreement to something you said it means that they are on the same boat as you concerning all other thoughts around the subject. Its likely that truth is as fleeting as a phone call or whatsapp broadcast. (They never take it seriously unless theres something tangeble in it for them)
“The truth looks good in the time of seeking but its very difficult to maintain in the time of testing”
When you share with someone something that you have discovered to be true over time and they seem on your side but when they are tested on that conviction they crumble and give all the excuses as to why its not such a big deal then perhaps you were never really in agreement. Please get it now. In the absence of agreement even the truth we agreed on can and will become our biggest source of dispute.

2) Leaving important decisions to indecisive people.
In dealing with people you will notice traits that destroy that persons well being as well as yours. When you forsake your convictions because someone is yet to decide which side they are on through their conduct, you subconsciously slow yourself down from progressive development.
You become an accessory to their indecisions.

“Indecision is an enemy to who you are going to be if you already know what you are doing.” Martin Vito

3) Put your hands up when you have tried your best to help and it has been rejected. I am in no way encouraging you to give up on “People” but I am encouraging you to give up on the messy situations in your life that pertain to someone else’s shortcomings most especially when they are not willing work with you. I believe in investing in people but I do not believe in allowing your time to be consumed by wild goose chases.

a) Its a wild goose chase when your contributions are taken with negligence.
b) Its a wild goose chase when your words and actions match up but they still dont believe you have integrity.
c) Its a wild goose chase when you Love them but they dont expect some heat for inconsistency.

Helping a friend is a good thing, but helping a friend and foresaking destiny well thats just dumb. So forgive me if it idoesnt seem like Im interested in chasing someone trying to hide.

That being said Im very much looking forward to speaking at length with those who want to be helped beyond the consmetic level of transformation. Matters of the heart are not taken lightly when they affect your destiny.


So much more good to come for those who seek answers without reservation.

All things said with Love and Respect
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Relationship Short Notes :- Your Eyes

Are you the kind of person who just goes for whatever and whoever you want? Are you the person who regardless of the circumstances will approach a man/woman or plot to have a man/woman without restraint? If all this while you have made moves like this and it has ended up in your unhappiness. It may be time to change your heart on certain things. Too many people think that manipulating circumstances and people most especially the opposite sex is something that has no consequence. Don’t let this assumption make you careless. Your Lusts can and will lead you to someone worse off in heart than you think….


All things said with Love and Respect
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Visual Relationship DeTox For Men

So, what makes real men want to take a second look? The most popular answer might surprise you:

“The first thing I notice about a woman is her face. If she isn’t pretty, then I won’t talk to her. But if she has a pretty face, I will start a conversation.” – Joey, 22

“I always notice a girl’s style first. I check out how she carries herself, how she walks, and what kind of vibe I get from her.” – John, 23

“I notice her hair and feet, especially if she’s wearing open-toe sandals. How a woman’s hair and feet look tells me how much she takes care of herself.” – Derrick, 39

Well I’m going to try and be as honest as I can when it comes to the man and his relationship detox.
Search most men’s phone and and handheld devices.. In fact anything with a hard drive and you’re likely to find that which causes men to remain creatures that can only be visually enticed.

If her Face isn’t “Nice”, We check the breasts, if the breasts aren’t to our taste, We check the Butt, If the Butt isn’t to our taste we check the “Attire”. If the total combination of all this isn’t making us rush with desire then it seems as though this woman has failed to meet our preconception. We are prepared to reject her and move on with no regrets or questions. If she is after us we play the game as best we can until we find what we think we are looking for. My question however is what is it that informs our personal filters as men?

In my community I know that there are many ways to meet women and that there are plenty of good, driven women perusing that higher life with a good man but why are good women and good men missing each other? Is it because the good women are doing something wrong(maybe) or is it because the good men are seeing something wrong with mature definite women?

The truth is every man knows the things that turn him on. However rarely do we ever as men question what, and why we find certain kinds of women more attractive. Sexual allure comes in so many guises and although men will not fall for all of it but because we are creatures of visual appeasement, procreation and dominion so naturally we can still slip into the spell of the huntress who knows how to secure our attention but dismantles our heart.

Whatever has informed your manhood and attraction to the opposite sex Time to have a better idea of what to go for and what to avoid..


1) Is she a SEDUCTRESS/JEZEBEL/? The one who has nothing to offer except what she knows a man craves for “Sexual attention”. She plays the sweet tunes that can only charm a man who entertains lies. She knows that you are a pet in her box, a snake in her basket. She speaks with rhythms that make you sway internally but she breaks your mind in places you don’t even know exist. She enslaves you with premeditated, tried and tested, foolishness inducing words and actions like that of a poet with permission to take the centre stage of your life. She knows your address, your bank account, the workings of your business but leaves the door open for the thief at night. She protects her growing interests in your growing empire of “Vision, Knowledge, Wealth and Connection” but the thief is doing daily physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual withdrawals that you justify because of your addiction to her (you know what) but know not of the consequences. Time flies when you’re having fun but the curses of her tongue fly when you’re having drama. Wake up she’s working on you and setting the timer for your self destruct sequence. She is watching your throne and wants to take it from you.

2) Is She a Delilah?: The one who in the beginning seems like there’s nothing wrong but ultimately she’s coming from the wrong place. She speaks your language and could articulate your dream to you with added beauty and accuracy. She wants your secrets but you don’t know whether its you she wants to be with or the dream. She gives you and others signals at the same time and so you cannot differentiate between you and her other guy friends but she knows how to wing you back in when you stray from your dedication.
She sees through the Armor you wear and can tell you your weak spots. She always wants emotional sympathy but never gives you the same rope to climb out of your despair. Your suffering is her chance to be the Heroine, sniff till you are high but just when you think she has saved you your desire for her is like a bottomless pit. You will lie to get her back, you will buy anything to buy her back, cry to seal her cracks but when she is done with the “Fallen You” she will betray you with the thing you have always feared most… “Loneliness”. Wake up she’s watching your Strength and wants to take it from you.

3) Then there is The Companion/Undercover Queen. She doesn’t demand a title but you and I both know she deserves it. She was faithful to you when you went out with Delilah and had a threesome with Jezebel but she never disrespected herself whilst waiting for you. The truth is you don’t deserve her yet you know she is amazing. She put clothes on you and made you a man after the right things. She encourages focus and determination but opens her arms to you in your times of Downward spirals. She comforts the heart with her presence and speaks words born from Kindness and courage. She doesn’t seek control more that she will help you remain in control. She sees your heart as a treasure she would protect with her life. The only thing she asks isn’t that you “Respect” her but that you Love her before and after her sacrifices for you. It’s not about how she looks but her looks can make a man live for a purpose greater than himself. Her Conduct inspires the Legacy in you and keeps the leader in you and your trusted counsellors, happy. Wake UP! She’s watching Your Throne and Wants to Sit next to YOU!

All things said with Love and Respect
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Fathers/Mothers Family


You know there’s a saying that goes
“Train Up a child in the way he/she should go and when he goes up he will not depart from it”

This meaning when a child is given adequate attention in his formative years and is instructed and taught in a balanced manner by both his father and his mother, the child’s character, aspiration, confidence and motivations will be balanced. The child’s ways of thinking will be sober and wise, he/she will seek the greater good of others whilst simultaneously maintaining a sense of purpose and direction. The Father gives the sperm and the Mother provides and egg and thus a consistent mutual combination of the two is required to maintain the child’s internal balance. The more we separate these concepts and allow the circumstances of nature to dictate the family breakdown the worse our perception of family will be. Granted a child may gravitate towards one parent more than the other based on likes and disciplinary actions taken but Love and Respect must be received from both parents.
In our generations today there is a growing epidemic that has been slowly destroying our children and their ability to understand the world from the right position.

You see in the absence of one parent there are bound to be things that the other parent will not be able to contribute accurately to the child’s life. This in no way negates the lone parents contribution but it creates a ticking time bomb of social dysfunction in the child unless someone intervenes. We all deserve to have both parents contribute their essence into our lives beyond the genetics. We need to be filled with truth and a strong sense of self and healthy practice for growth and development.

Some of you may or may not know this..but

“A million UK children are growing up without a father in their lives, says a new report on family breakdown.
The Centre for Social Justice report says lone parent families are increasing by more than 20,000 a year, and will top two million by the next general election.”

Unfortunately those who know this fact are only able to do so much but the problem of absent men is a growing one. Men are now more known to do the runner after impregnating the woman they liked in a moment of lust, broken relationship, poor self management, depression, poverty, unhappiness. This is likely because they witnessed an imbalance in their own upbringing somewhere. All men are born with the capacity to be naughty but its likely there were either learnt behaviours or absence of a parent or parents in the home that sped up the problem. A child is born with the capacity to look up at his/her father or mother for the truth about life. When a parent is absent something else or someone else will step in to influence the child to be a certain way. For most it’s usually ENVIRONMENT that becomes the father/mother, PEERS, MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT, or SELF. Unfortunately all of this in the wrong doses create a very selfish individual with no other care but to satisfy selfish undisciplined desires.

“The absence of fathers is linked to higher rates of teenage crime, pregnancy and disadvantage, the report says, warning that the UK is experiencing a “tsunami” of family breakdown.”

The truth is that although society may cause us to always separate the contributions of fathers and mothers from our lives we should remain conscious that both are required to create a balanced diet of truth, purpose, growth, relationships and legacy. We should now hope and plan that when it is our turn to be in the teacher and the instructors seat we will not create an imbalance in our future generations through absence and neglect.

“CSJ director Christian Guy says: “For children growing up in some of the poorest parts of the country, men are rarely encountered in the home or in the classroom. This is an ignored form of deprivation that can have profoundly damaging consequences on social and mental development.”

That being said today may be the day you ask your father the deeper questions about his own life. You may learn something deeper about the way you are and why you are. If you are not able to do this for a reason beyond your control then ask those who know him and whom you can trust.
These perspectives may teach you the necessary things to look our for in your own attempts to be the best you can be.

All things said with Love and Respect
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