Relationship Short Notes : – Women & Compromise

Are you sure that the guy you’re with Loves you? Or did you fall for the Magician? A man who presents love in a magikal way but can’t keep up the illusion when you’re having an argument or dispute over his last telephone conversation with a girl who makes you feel insecure just by the way she looks at you. He’s fine with it and you consistently play along with the tricks because of the fact that he touches you in places preserved for a king worthy of that hormone. You give in every time he leans in and left up to you would even make up excuses for him to cover up the flaws in his trickery. It’s amazing how a woman can be tricked into accepting the abuse as a form of love. What you should do is maybe ask her where the compromise began.

What did her Dad say when she was 3 years old, 6 years old, or even 8? Was he ever there for her prior to her hormones exploding into romance and fantasy? If she has compromised herself again and again he probably wasn’t there and in a bid to stay irresponsible he stayed away during her teenage fluctuations of Pride, Anger and Rebellion or in some deeply unfortunate cases he was taken away by death. He wasn’t and in some cases couldn’t be there to disciple her passions into a young woman ready to receive love but more by his absence or absent mindedness made her ready to be manipulated into a false sense of physical attraction and emotional security. For so long she has sought to impress the wrong men. She abandoned all her moral values and mocks those who even try to keep themselves but deep down we all know she craves to be elevated by love and not Lust. She can only act out of Lust because that’s what she knows but what if she received Love for longer, would she see through the tricks of magicians before they even came to her stage? Perhaps…

If you are the woman described in this piece perhaps it’s time to look for help and deal with your compromise the right way..


All things said with Love and Respect
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3 Things that Clean Up Your Destiny

3 Things To Do To Clean Up Your Destiny


1) Stop swearing
The mouth is the true fire starter, its the place where Issues are kindled and some destroyed. A Lot of people disrespect their destiny and that of others with their poor expressions of opnion. Often a person will swear and curse in midst of their sentence, yet little do they know not only do they corrupt themselves but the people who honour them with time.
When you value your mouth less you value your connections even less. I personally dont like people swearing around me I find it offensive. Now thats just me but say for instance you are looking to win over prospective partners for anything, if your mouth is filled foul things its going to be very hard because potential partners can offend easily. Its as simple as purifying your mouth for the sake of your destiny and that of others.


2) Do not sleep around anymore.
Sex is powerful, I have often called it the bonding Glue between a man and his wife. Now when that glue is used between the wrong people for selfish purposes, well lets just say Destiny is at stake now……
Every man or woman that you sleep with carries all his own burdens, they carry all their own enemies. When you sleep with someone you make an open declaration to the world that whatever you do to this man/woman you do to me. Sometimes we carry shame from past relationships not because we want to but because we slept with the person. We carry hatred, anger, lies and all these other negative characteristics because we slept with that person. I recently watched a program called Unsafe sex in the city and when one was asked the question about their sexual history ove the past three months and some would say 80!!
Thats more than nasty, thats personal prostituion. Heres the truth, your mind, body, and spirit will pay the ultimate price for every body that you lay with, its only a matter of time.


3) Control Your Thoughts
Let no man lie to you about the fact that your thoughts represent a large quantity of what you will become. If indeed your thoughts are focused on things that will build your life and that of those around you then youre in a good place. I personally recommend upgrading from positive thought to Godly thought I say this mainly because what some people reguard as positive is slowly changing. We are calling what is Bad Good and What is good bad. Now Biblical thought and lifestyle is timeless, it stays the same yet it is able to transform a mans thought from foolishness to meaningful, purposeful living. Any man or woman of influence will tell you that Athesim is not able to make you successful because it is only based on a mans opinion of Humanities existance. Also the absence of self control in your thought life means the first two points will become your worst enemy.

All things said with Love and Respect
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