Man Thoughts: The Integrity of My People

“My integrity will take me a long way.
But our integrity will lift us out of the Miry Clay of Corruption.”- Martin Vito

If you are someone who walks in integrity, I urge you persist on that path. There is plenty of light in that kind of tunnel. The first light is you and the second is the people that you choose to walk, talk and do business with. Diaspora Africans have a challenge on their hands when it comes to believing in and supporting one another. Due to reasons owing to the economic climate we are forced to constantly surf over the depth of our personal and collective insecurities when it comes to matters of trust. We fear back stabbers, gold diggers, oppportunists, frienemies and adulterers in various forms. Sometimes it seems we would rather fear them or become them. In reality we have to confront them.

We cannot even speak long enough about our social ills before someone starts showing off about their personal achievements and attainments that only conclude on the note of personal glory. In that personal story no one else is included, no flag can be raised and no true honour can be awarded because our efforts are for selfish gain and not collective establishment of a decent vantage point. Our brand of teamwork is constantly laced with selfish ambition. The corruptions of the few become the corruptions of the many when we say nothing.

Our Family structures are riddled with secrets of things no one ever talks about. When will we ask ourselves the deeper questions about where we came from and whats resident in our DNA? Is my selfish ambition, emotional dysfunction, sexual addiction, impenetrable pride, pornographic desire a condition imposed on me by the nation I am in or a descendant of my “unknown” ancestors? If it is a combination of the two then I must weed out what is in me and spread the message of that clearance.

At some stage someone will have to ask the pertinent question about personal Family History before they ask us about National History. Secondary to that question should be where does my Family sit in connection to the history of my nation of origin.

The answers to these very two questions will start an avalanche of drive and courage to correct the wrongs passed on through ignorance and write the story that best reflects a heart sobered by deep discovery.

©Martin Vito 2014
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4 Things Attractive People Can Do With Their Beauty

4 Things Attractive People Can Do With Their Beauty

If and when your beauty attracts any kind of attention from the same or the opposite sex. Aside from the obvious response “Thank You” here are four things you can do to maximise on that attention for your benefit and that of the other person.

1) Encourage the other person to find what makes them beautiful or even point it out if you can see it. People usually say what they would like to hear especially if they too have made an effort to look good, smell good, and clean up well.


2) In the advent that you have more time bring attention to something that you are passionate about. It could be a cause or a business or even charity. Invite the person to take part or spread the word too. Outward Beauty is merely an attraction tool but it should not be the only thing about you that is amazing. When you have no substance or stand for nothing more than your outward appearance then it becomes a curse and a turn off. Some people only dress for attention, and they become a magnet for foolishness.


3) Purposefully do something people in positions of attention usually do.
Plan your words and skills and presentation.
Choose wisely who you give and how you give maximum attention.
Self control and Discernment are extremely important when dealing with a new person. For instance women tend to attract different kinds of Men, and although most men have one thing on their mind other men are just curious about what makes a woman like you tick. In situations like this let discernment be your best friend. Some men have good intentions and others have bad, what matters most is how you handle that attention, whilst keeping your safety first and your integrity second and your weaknesses last.

Know and understand that every person you interact with so long as your alive can walk into anyone of these positions in your life. From a compliment can come a prospect, a prospect could become a customer, a customer could become a supporter, a supporter could become an advocate and an advocate could become a Partner. This applies to all kinds of conversation.

Men attract women a lot through what they say and how they are perceived. Every man should use his “Charm” & “Charisma” responsibly. As an influential man I realise more and more that women love “Charm” &”Charisma” but I think that Men should use these tools for more positive outcomes. Personal prostitution through your influence is quite dangerous and I feel for you when you are looking for the right woman to call your wife. One day you will get there inevitably and its going to prove difficult when you start discussing her in your character. All this because you have handled your influence irresponsibly.


4) Consider time and interactions as gifts and always make sure that you are the one giving it and not being robbed of it. Some people end up robbing you of precious time and before you know it your self esteem has taken a knocking. Always remain in charge of yourself regardless of how vulnerable you feel or how attracted you feel to the attention. You cannot predict everything that will happen but you can plan what you do in the event that things head in a direction you are not comfortable with.

All things said with Love and Respect,
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